Warmly welcome to my little blog

Hello guys, I am so happy that you find my blog in the world wide web. I am a german student of university Duisburg-Essen. And I decide me to write an english blog to improve my f**king english. It is so bad...Well, please give me feedback if my english isn′t correct.
Now, I hope you have fun here!

27 Dec 2013

After the christmas days

Hello guys, how are you? Do you endure these three christmas days with a few stress?
Also, I am very happy about the end of christmas. It stress me every day and I hate stress. Okay everybody hate stress but I hate in particular this kind of stress. XD Where you are in this time? Have you celebrate only with your parents and maybe your brothers and sisters or do you go to friends, your uncles, aunts, grandparents or boyfriend's/girlfriend's family?
I have to visit my sister with my parents on 24th December and one day late I have to visit my boyfriend's grandma. The 25th December at my boyfriend's grandma we were eleven people. It was to much (Is it a correct English? v.v).

Well, I am so happy about the end of christmas and I look forward to New Year's Eve. Then I celebrate it with my boyfriend at my best friend's home. We play a lot of games like Activity or Skip-Bo etc. Do you know these game? I love it. What do you do on New Year's Eve?

Okay, I think it is enough. I wish you a Happy New Year! Chuchu and we see u late.

With love,

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18 Dec 2013

The last week before Xmas

Hello guys, how are you? Do you have all presents for your family and friends? In six days is christmas and I haven't buy all present. And at this moment I think about for my sister's present and my boyfriend's gift.
Hmmpf....my english ist so bad. I hope it will be better with my posts of this blog.

Well, I change the topic now. Do everybody know the book serie City of Bones? I want to have these but on english to improve my english and english is the original language of books. So it sounds better or rather the story has a better effect for my fantasy. XD

Okay, I will end this post and hope you can understand me.

I wish you a good evening and see you later.
Chuchu your Katjana

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14 Dec 2013

The wind blew me gentle through my hair

Hello guys, how are you? Well, you can see I make a new blog. Okay...I know I said at Lunar Saga the writting at a blog is not my feel but I have to improve my f**king english. And so I decide me I make a new Blog. Have your blog a name? Yes, I think. My blog is a english blog but its name is german Flügellos. I know this is crazy but I don't care about it... So I say good bye for an other time. I'm very tired because of the making of my presentation about Bauhaus. I have a little bit fear if I think on monday. Can you wish me a little bit luck? ChuChu your Katjana

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