Warmly welcome to my little blog

Hello guys, I am so happy that you find my blog in the world wide web. I am a german student of university Duisburg-Essen. And I decide me to write an english blog to improve my f**king english. It is so bad...Well, please give me feedback if my english isn′t correct.
Now, I hope you have fun here!

14 Dec 2013

The wind blew me gentle through my hair

Hello guys, how are you? Well, you can see I make a new blog. Okay...I know I said at Lunar Saga the writting at a blog is not my feel but I have to improve my f**king english. And so I decide me I make a new Blog. Have your blog a name? Yes, I think. My blog is a english blog but its name is german Flügellos. I know this is crazy but I don't care about it... So I say good bye for an other time. I'm very tired because of the making of my presentation about Bauhaus. I have a little bit fear if I think on monday. Can you wish me a little bit luck? ChuChu your Katjana

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